Buying a home can be incredibly exciting. It can also be stressful. There’s a lot to consider, well before you even get down to the nuances of the transaction itself. Where to live? What kind of house? What size? Unlike investment property, where the primary consideration is a Return On Investment, the choice of a home is a very personal matter. Are you inclined toward walkable neighborhoods and urban density, or do you want a few acres to call your own? Is a pool a must-have, or a must-avoid? Do you want a large yard for children to play in or a small lot that requires little maintenance? At Backus Real Estate we listen, understand your needs, and then work to procure the perfect property for you.

Take a look below at the steps we’ll take to find you the right home — and see why the Backus Real Estate approach stands out from all the rest.

1) See New Listings First

We will work with you to create a custumized MLS search, based on the characteristics of the property you want. Once that’s set up, any new property that meets your criteria will be emailed to you instantly, as soon as it’s listed on the MLS. That means you’ll see new listings before they appear on Zillow,, or Trulia. When the perfect house comes along, or a great deal, you’ll be the first to know.

2) See All Listings

Every Realtor who takes on a new listing must upload it to the MLS within 48 hours. This means that when you work with us as your Buyer Broker, you’ll have access to every listing in CT. And unlike some firms, who may try to sell you “in-house” listings first, we put your needs at the forefront of all searches.

3) Never Overpay

When working with Backus Real Estate, you’ll receive a professional market analysis of any home you’re considering, so you’ll know what a property is worth before you enter into a negotiation. No more relying on website guesstimates or mass town appraisals. Working with Backus Real Estate means you’ll be buying with confidence.

4) Submit the Right Offer

There’s a lot more to submitting an offer than just determining the right price. You need to consider financing, deposits, a variety of inspections, closing dates, contingency dates, and more. At Backus Real Estate, we’ll guide you through all of these important considerations, and take the time necessary to ensure the offer you submit is the right offer, right from the start.

5) Experienced Negotiation

Negotiation isn’t just about being tough, it’s about being smart. It’s important you get the best deal possible — but it’s equally important you get the deal. At Backus Real Estate, we’ll guide you every step of the way, from initial bid to the final contract and beyond. Every transaction has it’s hurdles, but after handling hundreds of negotiations, Backus Real Estate has a lot of experience to put to work on your behalf, helping to ensure you acquire the home you want, on the most favorable terms, for the best possible price.

6) A Partner from Start to Finish

As other professionals do their jobs – inspectors, appraisers, mortgage brokers, and attorneys – Backus Real Estate will be the one advocate by your side every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transaction, from beginning to end.

7) A Relationship Beyond Closing

Even if our job is technically complete upon a successful closing on your home, we’ve built a reputation at Backus Real Estate for going the extra mile. Whether you need a phone number for transferring utilities, or help finding a reputable contractor, we’ll help you make your new home Home. (Of course, we do expect an invite to that house-warming BBQ once you’re settled in!)